Grace Christian Reformed Church
Grand Rapids, MI

Grace Church is a community of believers connected to Jesus Christ, committed to serve him in our personal day-to-day lives and together in the downtown neighborhood to which God called us.

We are a growing and diverse multicultural and multiethnic congregation affiliated with the Christian Reformed denomination.

As a church, God has called us to personal discipleship, reconciliation, and ministry to our city. The vision is based in the knowledge that God's shalom will eventually transform our world. We believe Christ will return with power and glory. Until that day, we will continue to be faithful, build community-serving ministries, and live in ways that point to this future reality. We will spread the good news of the gospel and God's grace throughout the city and the world in which we live.

The name of Grace Church reminds us of the grace of God as revealed in Jesus Christ.

The image of the crown of thorns in our symbol signifies how far God was willing to extend his grace to us. Christ suffered and died, and bore the crown of shame in order to give us the crown of righteousness.

The Triune God, traditionally visualized with a triangle has revealed the plan of salvation to human kind. Christ arose from the grave, ascended into heaven, and sent us his Spirit.

The Holy Spirit has been given the biblical image of a dove. The Holy Spirit reminds us of the deed of Christ, who came as a light into the darkness.

Sunday Worship 11AM

Sunday School, K-Adult
(During school year)

See the church calendar for complete program scheduling


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